I Moved!

I moved to a new site!  You can find all of my new blog posts, travel tips, random thoughts, teaching stories, and travel adventures on www.mypleasedpassport.com

I’m excited to announce this move as I’ve worked very hard on my new site.  The layout and design are much easier to understand and it will include more than just my time in Thailand.  I will have past stories from my trips to other places around the world and the future adventures that await.

If you are currently subscribed via email to this blog, you will not be transferred over to the new site.  Please re-subscribe on my new site to stay connected to my life abroad. This website (kaytadamson.wordpress.com) will be turned to private in 2 weeks time.

I appreciate everyone’s support with the beginning stages of my blogging. I can’t wait to see what else I can accomplish in this atmosphere of great writers! Thank you!




My Birthday Weekend in Kanchanaburi

I constantly hear people say, “do it while you can!” or “do it while you’re still young.”  When I started telling people I was moving to Thailand, these were the go-to phrases from some older co-workers and family friends. These statements used to drive me crazy. I never wanted to have the mentality I couldn’t go after a dream because of my age or because my responsibilities were “in the way.” Obviously there’s more to it than just the drive to accomplish something.  Life takes off right before your eyes and you don’t even realize it’s happening. Continue reading

Ayutthaya, Thailand

Hi Everyone! It’s been awhile.  The past few weeks have been busy but not in an adventurous way.  My students are finishing up different subjects randomly and I’m testing and grading worksheets and workbooks far more often than my first few weeks.  Busy is good though!  The past two weekends I’ve stayed in Chachoengsao and relaxed; but, I started to feel like time was slipping away and before you know it, I’d be back home in California wishing I did more while I was in Thailand. So, I planned a quick trip to Ayutthaya for the weekend. Continue reading

Overnight English Camp

It was my first week teaching at a new school and my kids are CRAZY! They have so much energy, so much excitement, and their eagerness to learn is adorable.  I taught in the classroom Monday-Wednesday and was told I needed to chaperone/teach at the overnight English camp for the P1 (1st grade) English Program students Thursday-Friday.
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New Home: Chachoengsao

What a weekend! I moved to Chachoengsao at the beginning of the week to teach at a new school.  Originally, I was placed in Nonthaburi to teach high school science.  Funny story – I do not have any qualifications to teach science.  It wasn’t conversational science either (is science ever conversational? I HAVE NO IDEA! I don’t understand the subject at all!).  I took one science class in college.  I was a senior in a freshman chemistry class. If that helps you understand how little I actually know about the subject.  Anyway, it was obvious I was uncomfortable and I told the school that I felt I was not a good fit for who they needed as their foreign English teacher.  It was a hard departure as I really liked my students, the school, and my Thai family.  However, I knew it was not the right place for me.  So, I moved! Continue reading

My Thai Christmas

This was not my first Christmas away from my family.  I’ve spent one Christmas with my boyfriend’s family and it was amazing.   As much as I missed my own family, I am truly blessed to have a second family that took me in during the holiday season.  However, this Christmas was the first Christmas away from any loved ones.  I moved to Thailand a month ago, and to a new city less than a week ago.  I do not know anyone here.  But, thankfully, my school still took part in some Christmas festivities. Like Christmas hip-hop (oh yeah!!) and some Continue reading

English Camp

My last two days in Hua Hin have been nothing short of insane!  A mix of good and bad insane.  Our group was hosting an English Language Camp at a local school for two days – Thursday and Friday.  This school does not have a western English teacher; however, they have thai teachers teaching English classes.  Pronunciation is not perfect, so our entire job was to focus on pronunciation… oh and classroom management. These children are WILD!
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Welcome to Thailand

I’m officially in Thailand! And let me tell you, it feels AMAZING!  I’ve been planning this move for months and time flew by up to this point.  Now the adventure begins… and it begins in Bangkok.

All I knew prior to coming to Bangkok was that it’s huge, hot, and humid.  All of those points are true – especially humid!  Walking out of the nicely air conditioned airport to the transporter van was like jumping into a pool of your own sweat (paints a nice picture, huh?!).  Around 3AM I arrived to my hotel, The H Residence.  After a quick shower, I climbed into bed and tried to sleep for a few hours.

Day One: Bangkok
My first day of exploration was overwhelming.  The heat and humidity, the constant traffic, the smog, crazy drivers, and the millions of people everywhere was a lot to take in.  First, we took a tuktuk to Wat Pho.  Wat Pho is known for the famous Buddha statues and the very famous Reclining Buddha. The Reclining Buddha is too big to fit in one picture!

I ate my first Thai meal – Spicy Pork Salad.  So spicy! and SO GOOD!  The street food in Thailand is fresh and made with all locally grown fruits and vegetables from the wholesale markets all over the city.  Street food, as shown in the picture below, is everywhere! Every block has a few stands.  You’ll never be hungry in Thailand, that’s for sure!

Day Two: Bangkok

Saturday was spent at the Chatuchak Market.  The Chatuchak Weekend Market has over 15,000 vendor stalls ranging from home goods, clothes, food, jewelry, to animals.  I was on a mission! I wanted to see the puppies, eat some great food, and buy some clothes.  Unfortunately, it was a heartbreaking seeing the puppies.  You aren’t allowed to touch them or take pictures of them.  They just sit there and cry and look so uncomfortable in the heat.  I took pictures anyway…oops!  After 5+ hours of walking around, we spent 250 baht (roughly $7.75) for a one hour foot and shoulder Thai massage.  It was a painfully perfect experience, that I will relive often.  For the entire hour, I had a hammer banging into my muscles (literally) and bamboo sticks rolled over my calves.  I didn’t walk away from the massage feeling relaxed – I felt alert.  Just what I needed 😉

Day Three: Bangkok

This was the last day in Bangkok.  Unfortunately, jet lag and the heat caught up to me.  I spent most of the day in my hotel room and out of the humidity.  There was a meet and greet meeting for the new teachers and we went over what the rest of our orientation period will be like and talked about how we find our placements.

Overall, Bangkok is wild.  I can’t think of any other words to describe the city.  I’ll be back soon to check out the roof top bars, see the Grand Palace, and do some more shopping.

Next stop…. Hua Hin!