Overnight English Camp

It was my first week teaching at a new school and my kids are CRAZY! They have so much energy, so much excitement, and their eagerness to learn is adorable.  I taught in the classroom Monday-Wednesday and was told I needed to chaperone/teach at the overnight English camp for the P1 (1st grade) English Program students Thursday-Friday.
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My Thai Christmas

This was not my first Christmas away from my family.  I’ve spent one Christmas with my boyfriend’s family and it was amazing.   As much as I missed my own family, I am truly blessed to have a second family that took me in during the holiday season.  However, this Christmas was the first Christmas away from any loved ones.  I moved to Thailand a month ago, and to a new city less than a week ago.  I do not know anyone here.  But, thankfully, my school still took part in some Christmas festivities. Like Christmas hip-hop (oh yeah!!) and some Continue reading

English Camp

My last two days in Hua Hin have been nothing short of insane!  A mix of good and bad insane.  Our group was hosting an English Language Camp at a local school for two days – Thursday and Friday.  This school does not have a western English teacher; however, they have thai teachers teaching English classes.  Pronunciation is not perfect, so our entire job was to focus on pronunciation… oh and classroom management. These children are WILD!
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