Overnight English Camp

It was my first week teaching at a new school and my kids are CRAZY! They have so much energy, so much excitement, and their eagerness to learn is adorable.  I taught in the classroom Monday-Wednesday and was told I needed to chaperone/teach at the overnight English camp for the P1 (1st grade) English Program students Thursday-Friday.

We took a 3 hour bus ride to a resort and played a lot of games, danced even more, went swimming, ate amazing food, and slept in cabins with the kids.  They were so excited to go on a sleepover adventure with their friends and without their parents.  I stayed up later than I have in months just listening to the girls in my cabin giggle and jump from bed to bed.  I couldn’t even be mad! They loved EVERY second of their little adventure and it was contagious.

On our way back to the school, we stopped at a huge dam and took a few pictures which didn’t last long because 6 year olds don’t seem to understand what is behind a dam.  They were more interested in the dance party they were having on the bus.

I am truly grateful for this experience because my job is not “work.”


4 thoughts on “Overnight English Camp

  1. Hi kayt!!

    Oh my goodness! It looks like you are having an amazing time!! 🙂 LOVEDDDD the video! I can’t believe they were dancing to Brittney! So amazing! Keep the posts coming! Xoxi


  2. Hi Roxy!!!!
    Thanks for reading it. Oh yeah girlfriend, Britney was on loud and proud. I was too excited to film the whole thing because I needed to dance part of it too 😉
    Miss you!


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