My Thai Christmas

This was not my first Christmas away from my family.  I’ve spent one Christmas with my boyfriend’s family and it was amazing.   As much as I missed my own family, I am truly blessed to have a second family that took me in during the holiday season.  However, this Christmas was the first Christmas away from any loved ones.  I moved to Thailand a month ago, and to a new city less than a week ago.  I do not know anyone here.  But, thankfully, my school still took part in some Christmas festivities. Like Christmas hip-hop (oh yeah!!) and some other kind of dancing/lip-synching combo, Santa passed out candy, and some students even dressed up.  Although it felt strange to work on this holiday, it was a whopping 80 something degrees with bright blue skies – how could I feel sad?

Here is a short video of how my school celebrated.

After school, I tutor a 19 year old freshman in college who is home for “winter” break.  Her mom works at my school and wants to learn English to help her younger children learn outside of the classroom.  We talked about badminton and her classes and we broke down the lyrics of a Taylor Swift song that she really likes.

Before our tutoring session was over, they invited me to a Christmas dinner at a food cart right outside of the cafe we were in.  The menu didn’t have one word in English and we barely spoke.  But, we all knew that we were enjoying our dinner together.  This was the best situation I could’ve asked for in Thailand during Christmas.  I didn’t need presents on presents on presents, and I didn’t need to stuff my face with some amazing Christmas baked treats, all I needed was the hospitality of a Thai family on this special holiday.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas with your friends and family!